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I have been told that there is a lifetime fuel filter in the gas tank but also that there is another part in the engine bay, is this true and if so where is it? There is a metal cylinder on the firewall on the driver side but I don't know what it is.

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Any suggestions? Please let us know if you need anything else to get the problem fixed. Is there anything I need to know? Is it hard to access? Do I need a speacial tool? Thanks again. Was this answer helpful?

Genuine Honda CR-V Fuel Filter

Open the fuel tank cap to release pressure before starting with work. Remove the 2 pcs of 10mm bolts and cover. Unclip any hoses that are attached to the cover to turn the filter for easier access. Press the lock tabs of the connectors then push the fuel hose in to release the lock. Pull out hose to release it from the joint. During this time fuel, would flow out from the hose so you need to be careful. Reverse order of installation.

Still can't find where the fuel filter is? Do you. Hello, The fuel filter is in the fuel tank attached to the pump here is a guide to show you what it will take to remove the tank and pump assembly with diagrams below to show you on your car. Cheers Images Click to enlarge. Was this answer. It is a lifetime fuel filter and its located in the fuel tank Was this answer.Honda engines are certified and designed to run on regular unleaded gasoline.

Gasoline is allowed, by regulation, to contain a variety of additives. The same regulation limits how much of some additives, such as alcohol, can be included in the fuel and still be sold as gasoline. E85 is an alternative fuel. It is not gasoline. Honda engines are not currently certified or designed to run on E85 or any other alternative fuel.

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Specific guidelines vary by model. However, in general, following these steps will help to prevent most fuel-related problems:. Store your gasoline in a clean, plastic, sealed container approved for fuel storage.

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Close the vent if equipped when not in use and store the container away from direct sunlight. If it takes more than 3 months to consume the fuel in the container, we suggest adding a fuel stabilizer to the fuel when you fill the container. Check it before each use. You can also find general storage instructions for your engine here:.

Find more tips for GCV engines here. The length of time that gasoline can be left in your fuel tank and carburetor without causing functional problems will vary depending on a variety of factors.

Fuel formulations vary by region. Depending on where you operate your engine, fuel may deteriorate and oxidize more rapidly in as little as 15 days. Please check with your servicing dealer for storage recommendations and precautions specific to your region. The air volume in a partially filled fuel tank promotes fuel deterioration. Very warm storage, high humidity and variable temperatures accelerate fuel deterioration. Fuel deterioration problems may occur in less than 30 days, particularly if the gasoline was stored in your portable fuel container for an extended period of time.

We recommend that you purchase fresh fuel from a busy, reputable gas station in a volume that will be used in less than 3 months. This section covers all aspects of storage such as adding fuel stabilizer and draining the fuel tank and carburetor, as well as storage precautions and removal from storage.

GC and GS model storage information. GX and GXV model storage information.The fuel filter in any Honda automobile should be replaced every 30, miles. Drivers that push vehicles farther on the same fuel filters risk diminished fuel economy, weakened engine power and even damage to other engine parts. A vehicle experiencing these symptoms must be attended to immediately to avoid serious damage to spark plugs and other engine components that could end up costing a Honda owner a lot more than just the cost of a replacement fuel filter.

A clogged or damaged fuel filter will disrupt the flow of fuel into the engine block. The car will hesitate, or the engine will sputter during acceleration.

This can be accompanied by a shake in the Honda's body--in particular with Civics and the CRV which was built using the Civic chassiswhich have predominantly all-fiberglass frames.

An engine with abnormal combustion because of diminished fuel flow has reduced power output. The car will have an inability to maintain high speed and slow acceleration--not to be confused with hesitation, which causes more vibration and engine sputtering. The Honda fuel filter usually is next to the battery and is relatively simple to check for clogs. Lack of fuel flow into the engine can throw off the delicate timing of Honda's fuel-injected engines.

As a result, a blocked fuel filter can cause engine misfires, even causing unspent fuel to foul up sparked plugs and damage the nearby battery. A completely blocked fuel filter will result in the vehicle being unable start at all. The driver will hear the engine crank the sound of the engine attempting to turn overbut without adequate fuel, the engine simply will stall or be shut down by the on-board computer. This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.

To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more about It Still Works, contact us. About the Author This article was written by the It Still Works team, copy edited and fact checked through a multi-point auditing system, in efforts to ensure our readers only receive the best information.Louis Pemjean louis. Yall ive been trying for 3 yrs to locate it n haven't found it yet but really haven't looked i shouldn't b having to replace my pump every 6 months to a yr but i have replaced fuel pump relay erg valve all 6 spark plugs n coil packs n i the problem im having is bout every 6 months to a yr it starts giving me problems like the engine isn't getting enough gas to the engine its like when the car runs for a couple of hrs or gets to normal temperature thats when it starts acting up n sometimes want crank even but if u let it sit n cool it will crank right up like theres no problem theres got to b a filter somewhere instead of just that strainer they calling a filter cuz im sick n tired of replacing the pump i have a honda accord 3.

June 13 by Mary Stone. L Pfaff lpfaff1. I hope this helped you out, if so let me know by pressing the helpful button. Yip I looked it up and from what I read it was a part thats not serviceable. I believe this fella did a good job providing this information for you.

I went to O'Reilly's auto parts today and they didn't have the fuel filter in stock and they told me that I may have to go to Honda dealership. They also printed up an image of where the fuel filter is located. Actually it showed that it had two filters. I wish I could take a picture of that printed image showing this info and I hope they had the correct info of the year,make,and model of my car which is a Honda Accord 4 cyl. Have you bought the new filter. Some cars just don't have one.

Most cars do and are between the fuel tank and the engine. Some are behind the tank depending on room. They are most times covered by a plate and or cover and bolted to the frame.

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So under the car. Some are in the engine compartment and easy to find once you follow the fuel line.

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The Car stall at time when it build up pressure let off cellerator then Mash back own celerator and the car go and then sometime it stalls. Posted: June If you having issue with getting fuel the filter and pump is 1 assembly.

Lots of cars are doing this to save on space. Screws the owner for sure.

Signs of a Bad Honda Fuel Filter

But it needs the filter before the pump and pump is in the tank. If your pump was replaced and was dirt in the tank they meaning shop or service person needs to completely drain and suck the tank dry to remove any problems.

June 14 by Mary Stone. The image on the left p.

fuel filter 2001 honda ex

The V6 supplement section dealing with the fuel etc only goes to p. Fix Your Stuff. Back Answers Index.

fuel filter 2001 honda ex

Louis Pemjean louis Rep: 37 2 1. Honda fuel filter fix. View the answer I have this problem too Subscribed to new answers. Is this a good question? Yes No.

Voted Undo.Our mobile mechanics offer services 7 days a week. Upfront and transparent pricing. Average rating from customers who received a Fuel Filter Replacement. Learn More. Our certified mobile mechanics can come to your home or office 7 days a week between 7 AM and 9 PM. The fuel filter is made of cellulose or synthetic-based filter media that traps extremely tiny contaminants, such as rust particles and dirt, present in the fuel as it flows from the fuel tank to the fuel injectors.

The filter media is sealed within a cylindrical shaped housing that looks like a tiny soda can. You will most often find the fuel filter plumbed into the high-pressure fuel supply line beneath the car, right next to a sturdy frame rail.

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Some fuel filters, particularly on diesel-powered vehicles, have water traps as well. Some newer cars do not have serviceable fuel filters as the filter is built into the fuel pump located in the fuel tank. Yes, so long as the fuel filter is not leaking. If there is a leak, have it repaired before driving the car.

If clogging is suspected and potentially causing engine operating problems, have the cause investigated and resolved at your earliest convenience. In extreme cases, a very old filter that may be plugged could disintegrate, allowing what were trapped contaminants to reach the fuel injectors and causing additional problems.

fuel filter 2001 honda ex

Get an upfront price. Service Location. YourMechanic Benefits Online Booking. Mechanic comes to you. Free 50 point safety inspection. See availability. Fuel Filter Replacement Service What is the fuel filter and how does it work? When to consider replacing the fuel filter: Scheduled maintenance. Fuel contamination. If any foreign fluids, bad fuel, or water enters into the fuel system mistakenly, the fuel filter should be replaced.

Fuel system repairs. If the fuel pump has been replaced, work has been performed on or in the gas tank, or the fuel injectors have been cleaned or replaced, always install a new fuel filter. Major engine repairs, or engine replacement, also require a new filter. There should be zero leakage of fuel, whether liquid or vapor, in the fuel system. Leaks at the fuel filter connections might necessitate not only a new fuel filter but also new O-rings in the push-on connections to the fuel filter.

Warning light indication. Diesel powered vehicles may be equipped with a water-sensor warning light circuit to signal the driver if excessive water has accumulated in the fuel filter. The water will have to be drained and the filter possibly serviced or replaced. How do mechanics replace the fuel filter?

How to replace fuel pump in a 2001 Honda civic

A clogged fuel filter that is integral to the fuel pump must be removed with the fuel pump from the fuel tank to perform service. For all other vehicles, the procedure begins with raising the vehicle and supporting it with steel jack stands.

The fuel system is depressurized so the filter can be removed from the high-pressure fuel line without gas spraying out. The in-and-out connectors to the filter are removed and the filter is removed from the fuel line. The new filter is installed using a small amount of oil on the O-rings to ease re-installation of the quick connect fittings.This should only take a few minutes and has the advantage of exposing any other things like pressure regulators, etc also in the system that may have caused a problem.

True, if it's in the fuel tank, as some are, you'll end up, by elimination, isolating it to having to be there. The cabin filter is located behind the glove box.

Purchase a Purolator Cabin Filter as it comes with instructions on how to replace it. The diagnostic connector on a Honda Accord can be found in the engine compartment. The connector is located on the passenger-side in front of the firewall.

The main relay on a Honda Accord is located on the driver side end of the cabin. Found in the kick panel it will be mounted to a bracket underneath the dashboard. Asked By Curt Eichmann. Asked By Leland Grant. Asked By Veronica Wilkinson. Asked By Daija Kreiger.

Asked By Danika Abbott. Asked By Consuelo Hauck. Asked By Roslyn Walter. All Rights Reserved. The material on this site can not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with prior written permission of Multiply. Ask Login. Fuel Filters. Honda Accord EX. Honda Accord LX. Asked by Wiki User. Top Answer.The fuel filter in your Honda Accord keeps small particles and impurities from entering the engine's fuel injectors.

Once gas is pumped from the gas tank, it travels through fuel lines and into the fuel filter before entering the injectors. If the fuel filter becomes clogged or ineffective with age, dirty fuel entering the injectors can cause engine wear, rough running and failure to start. The fuel filter in a Honda Accord should be changed every 30, to 50, miles. Park the Honda Accord in a very well ventilated area.

Gas fumes can be harmful. If possible, complete this job outdoors rather than in your garage. Locate the fuel filter. The fuel filter for models is located on the passenger side firewall. The fuel filter for models and newer is located on the rear of the engine, driver side, near the brake master cylinder.

Slide a fluid catch pan under the Accord in the general vicinity of the fuel filter. Remove the bottom fuel line by turning the fuel line nut with a 14mm open end wrench. Turn counter clockwise to loosen.

Once that the fuel line is loose, finish unscrewing the fuel line nut with your fingers. Pull the fuel line out of the bottom of the fuel filter. Loosen the top banjo bolt. Use a 17mm open end wrench to turn the banjo bolt that comes out of the top of the fuel filter. Turn it counter clockwise. Once you loosen the banjo bolt you can remove the fuel line. Remove the top banjo bolt from the top of the fuel filter with a 17mm open end wrench. Turn the nut on the banjo bolt counter clockwise to loosen.

Then finish unscrewing the fuel line from the top of the fuel filter. Remove the two 10mm bolts from the clamp that holds the fuel filter in place.

Use a 10mm open end wrench for this step. Once you remove the bolts, pull the fuel filter out of the bracket and discard the fuel filter into the catch pan. Position the new fuel filter into the bracket and screw the 10mm bolts back into the bracket.

Tighten the bolts with the 10mm open end wrench. Screw the bottom fuel line into the bottom of the fuel filter.

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