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Enerpat Group is a global company in the scrap processing and recycling machinery industry with a vast product range of waste shredders,metal balers, recycling plant, vertical balers, Horizontal balers alligator shears and other waste machines.

Enerpat manufactures balers and shredders for the Handling a complete spectrum of rubber, textile and alternative substrate materials, we design and manufacture high performance rubber sheeting, reinforced rubber sheeting and rubber As a versatile waste-reduction machinery supplier, we specialize in designing and manufacturing hydraulic balers which are widely applied in industries and fields demanding the recycling of textile, paper, cardboards, PET, HDPE, plastic films, plastic bags, waste computer shell, foam, cans, foils, Our British made industrial blades suit to a wide range of machinery.

InMr. KG in Bonn, Germany, and early spacialized in manufacturing paint additives and printing chemicals. During the leadership We are the largest Polidas brand became operational in Pinarbasi. Use Rotation and the technological automation machinery manufacturers Tele Textiles Latvia will produce and supply, with the environment in mind, textile solutions for soil reinforcement and erosion control.

The company will have production facilities in Norway and through strategic alliances secure development and growth. Tele Textiles AS was established in Sioen Industries is a diversified stock quoted group with an extensive portfolio of products and activities: spinning, weaving and coating, manufacturing of clothing, production of fine chemicals and processing of technical textiles.

Vertical and horizontal integration, diversification and We manufacture a wide range of machinery. We specialize in mills and crushers for recycling in the textile, plasctic and all kind of materials.

LIDEM was founded in with a cumulative experience of over 30 years of assessment, design, construction and maintenance of machinery. LIDEM was born Our filter presses achieve a more efficient level of solid liquid separation than alternative methods. Our success is founded on world class Revivo Gas s. Ltd was founded with the aim to represent in selected markets the top component producers of worldwide ranking mainly from the biogas field.Textile Chapter.

Textile Manufactures in World:. Apparel or clothing is one of the basic needs for human. There are so many manufacturers produce their textile products to fulfill the demands of human. This article has presented a list of top ten textile manufacturers through the world.

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The below list is presented the list of top 10 textile manufacturers through the world. Admiral Sportswear:. It is a British internationally recognized cricket, football and sportswear brand. It reached the peak of its progress in the s and early s through a series of prestigious football team sponsorships.

The 50 most valuable brands | companies in Germany

It is a French footwear and textile company which was founded in as the Compagnie du Caoutchouc Souple in Montargis city of France.

The founder of this company was an American businessman named Hiram Hutchinson. It should be noted here that, Hutchison had obtained a license in from his fellow American Charles Goodyear's patented vulcanization process. It is a apparel and footwear trademark which was founded in in the Saint Denis city of France. The founder of Airness was Malamine Kone.

It is a textile manufacturer and the flagship company of the Lalbhai Group which was founded at in the Ahmedabad city of India. The company produces denim, cotton shirting, knits and bottom weights fabrics. It is a textile, apparel and clothing industry normally termed as golf Apparel Company. Ashworth was founded at The head quarter of this company is in Carlsbad, California.

It has around employees. The founder of this company was brothers Daniel and Michael Casarella. The company has won so many awards including Sportswear International Fashion Award. It is a flagship company of the Wadia Group which was founded at in the Bombay city of India.

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The main products of this company are Bed linen, towels and furnishing. Bombay Dyeing is one of India's largest producers of textiles. It is a German fashion company which started their journey in at Chemnitz of Germany. Canterbury of New Zealand:.

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It is a New Zealand based sports clothing company which focuses on rugby football. The company started its journey since at Canterbury of New Zealand is named after the Canterbury area in New Zealand where the company started to make knitwear. Cone Mills Corporation:.Find Your Textile Needs. Germany is famous for it's world class engineering and they provide so many textile machinery and products to world. Here we provide you the foremost names of Textile sector of Germany with profile and contacts.

One of the chief players in the global textile market is a textile industry of Germany. At the starting of German textiles, the country has only small and a medium-sized company to manufacture the textile goods, but currently, it is 4th ranking worldwide. There are numerous aspects that will lead you to understand the whole development of German textile. The textile standards set by the Textiles and Textile Machinery Standards Committee is defining the dimensions, requirements, textile terminology, and expands the export revenue of the country.

With some of the labeling laws, the government of Germany appreciates the efforts of the textile industry such as specifications of fiber contents, measurement of the fabrics, care labeling. These laws are followed by the industry to become recognizable at the international level with the highest export profits. These all aspects well managed by the textile business of Germany to make its pace stronger than ever in the global wholesale market.

Country: uk. Country: germany. Country: bangladesh. Country: india. Country: japan. Country: usa.

germany textile companies

Join textileinfomedia. We are top most textile B2B portal. Here we listed all leading textile companies. It helps you to find textile companies for your needs. You can find companies as per your needs like textile wholesale markets, Textile industry, textile suppliers and wholesalers. Every industry needs a strong strategy and the strength of the people to become the largest and famous industry at the international level. This theory works in a textile market of Germany as well.

The strength and flexibility come from the environment where each new idea serves the more profit to the economy of the country.

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The most important phases behind the strength of the German textile are standards, labeling, certificates, and German distribution channels. The government policies are helping to set high standards at a global level to become more powerful and make a strong contender in the global textile market.

The phase of standard decides the standard of the textiles and the products that are mostly demanded by the exporters worldwide. The certificate defines that the textile products provided by the manufacturers are of well uniformed and purchasing it not contains harmful kind of stuff. These are the significant parts of the textile business. The top companies of Germany used modern and high-tech machinery to produce the clothes in bulk. The mills and raw materials like fibers, yarns, and fabrics with the high-quality make amazing apparels and garments.

The companies and mills manufacture the bulk products to conquer the export values and make the greatest revenue. The thing that is most important is the country looks forward to moving step-by-step towards the global wholesale textile to achieve the top-notch of the textile. The German textile industry is made of small and medium companies that are now hugely imprint its name of the history.

In recent years, textile companies in Germany made a graph high in the textiles. Their transformation from low-cost high volume products to high-quality goods make them most effective in these years.

With the long history in manufacturing, innovation, and production it accomplishes all the domestic requirements.Find Your Textile Needs. The Cloth textile industry is made up of about small scaled industry and medium large sized enterprises with a 1,24, professional worker in the apparelFabrics, Yarnmanmade and natural fiber and textile industry mill segments in Germany.

They are producing textile raw material for textile industry in Germany. If you are looking for textile business in Germany login to our web portal you can find here some well known textile business profiles with their contact details and address. Textile and garment industry is one of the most prominent segments in the Germany after food beverage industry.

Textile Industry in germany

In recent days domestic textile production increased and technical textiles and raw material import business rise in Germany. It is ideal time for foreign investors, yarn fibre manufacturersGerman textile machinery exporters and cloth trader to expand their business presence in the Germany clothing market and book huge benefits.

Looking to purchase quilt Cotton prints for our wholesale warehouse in Missouri. Kg continues to play a leading role in supplying and manufacturing Textile Dyes in Germa. Company has endeavoured and esta. Products Suppliers.

germany textile companies

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Overview of German textile apparel business manufacturers and companies list The Cloth textile industry is made up of about small scaled industry and medium large sized enterprises with a 1,24, professional worker in the apparelFabrics, Yarnmanmade and natural fiber and textile industry mill segments in Germany. Germany stands fourth in global textile industry Major exports in knitted apparel clothman made fibre ,synthetic yarn and machinery Textile export market of near 34 billion USD Well Known high quality product and accessories of textile and clothing in the world Prime export market are France, Austria, Middle east EuropeRussia and uk import textiles and clothing come from Asian and Europe Business trading with China, ItalyBangladesh and Turkey Textile and garment industry is one of the most prominent segments in the Germany after food beverage industry.

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germany textile companies

Multiple Quote And Closed. PAllavi From malvan. Sanjaya biswal From bhubaneswar. Sakambari Textiles Garments cuttackIndia. Recently Registered Suppliers View All. Kg Wuppertal. Send Inquiry Contact. Maschinenbau Havelhof. Is this page helpful?We are manufacturers of Handknotted carpets and we have established our office here in Germany for a long period.

Apart from carpet also handel clients used machines to be exported Europe. We act as an agent buyers who want items U. As Anka Textilhandels GmbH in Berlin, we are doing business home textil markt with our partner group Tunalar Textil which is located Istanbul and active for 25 years of producing products such as tables clothes, towel, curtains WC Garniturs, Bed Linen well. Handkerchiefs and more.

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The Paul Schweigert GmbH was founded in the year is occupied since this time with manufacturing distribution of products embroidery. After successful denationalisationa specialization took place on high-quality handkerchiefs. Always staying on the forefront of latest trends and Developments in blanket technology, company growing from strength to strength, now manufactures Oriental rugs wholesaler of oriental rugs and persian carpets.

We are a wholesaler of oriental rugs. We have a large collection of quality hand made carpets and rugs.

germany textile companies

We are manufacturers and stockiests of pakistani afghan and also persian rugs. Large and varied selection of Afghan, pakistan, iran, Turkmenistan, uzbekistan and Oriental nomadic Art. An international group of companies specializing in exporting-trading and catering different kinds food products other industries worldwide, also provide commercial services business opportunities many European countries for who seeks trading Europe. Our main are dairy products. We are retailer and importer of jeanswear and fashionarticles.

Also we are wholesaler of giftwares and home decor articles. Brand-name, distribution-system covers whole German market. Knautz GmbH Co. KG, Solingen, Germany. The KNAUTZ product spectrum offers since more than 40 years solutions for the production of metal parts in fields Forming technique-Welding technique-Surface technique.

Your advantage will be result our decades long experiences. Profit from Since 3 years it also owns a shop in Berlin, Germany. The company is specialised in shawls, carpets, tapestry and jewellery. We are spezialised in establishing business relationship between german and foreign companies. Our main services are sales and global purchasing.

Since the elefant company serves individual services to their customers. Home Categories Regions Add new company listing. Warenhandels OHG We are manufacturers of Handknotted carpets and we have established our office here in Germany for a long period. Wahid Samadzada Oriental rugs wholesaler of oriental rugs and persian carpets.For centuries Europe has been a major powerhouse in the production of textiles. Little recognition is given to Germany. The textile industry in Germany during the 18th and 19th Centuries has a rich and important history that influenced German culture, forming Germany into the country it is today.

Throughout history, the German government regulated the production and sales of textiles. Sumptuary laws that can be traced to the Medieval period were put in place to limit the amount of textile consumption by the masses Purdy Once these laws became unfashionable, the government began instituting large tariffs on any textile imports from other countries.

This taxation increased the price of foreign goods, making national goods cheeper and more desirable. An article from the period discusses this by creating a fictitious dialogue between husband and wife. This frugality was common among German citizens.

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The underclasses had always sought to emulate the styles of nobility, who never had to worry about the financial burden of tariffs. Both the upper and lower classes most desired silk textiles. For centuries, silk has been treasured and sought after in Europe. The main silk houses were located in Paris, Italy, and Spain. However, German silk factories were unable to compete with the large silk workshops in France and Italy.

InGermany finally had cheaper access to silk when it seized control of Qingdao, China Chung Silk could freely pass between China and Germany thanks to German industrialization in the area and duty-free zones Chung Even though silk was valued throughout Germany, it was hardly the most utilized textile to German industry.

The Prussian military complex was a major contributor to German textile production. Under Fredrick Wilhelm I, the military expanded in a large build up of soldiers and weapons. This growth demanded a lot of production from German factories. These factories quickly grew in size ever since the ban on foreign red and blue cloth the colors of the Prussian army Purdy Exporting wool was also regulated.

In order for Prussian weavers to have a steady supply of inexpensive raw materials, the government prohibited the exportation of fleece Purdy This massive industry brought in about 20, skilled artisans from around Europe to German factories Richie With this influx of wool materials for the military, it is no surprise that wool textiles became integrated into civilian dress. Throughout the 18th and 19th Centuries, the Prussian military distributed new uniforms to its soldiers every two years Purdy This quick turnover created thousands of used garments that could no longer be worn by soldiers.

Being that it was just the beginning of the Industrial Revolution, textiles were still extremely valuable. Garments would be resold and reused among the lower classes since textiles were hard to come by Friedrichs This redistribution of military garments quickly made military and military-inspired garments fashionable and wearable in everyday life. While the blue military coats of the army became a common garment among the working class, the fashionable elite were forced to reevaluate their own style.

Historically, bright colors were reserved for the wealthy, as the dyes needed were expensive and rare Purdy Conversely, dark, natural colors were the easiest to obtain and were the most common among textiles worn by the poor. However, with the growing amount of bright red and blue military garments available to the underclasses, the bourgeoisie began experimenting with more subtle colors. It became popular for the elite to dress in black and white as a way to not only distance themselves from the lower classes but to move past the baroque stylings that the enlightenment sought to abolish Purdy We are a newly formed collection of top textile companies and brands providing comprehensive, global product solutions across many diverse industries focused on innovation, sustainability, and heritage craftsmanship.

With close to a century of industry leadership, Burlington is driven by continuous improvement and innovation, social responsibility and the development of sustainable, next-generation textile technology and fabrics.

Cone Denim promotes sustainable practices in both its operations and development of new denims with manufacturing capabilities in Mexico and China, alongside a team of sales, product, and merchandising professionals.

Safety Components is a global market leader in technology-driven fabric solutions and other high-performance textiles for first responders, military, outdoor, marine, and automotive use. Taking textiles to a whole new level.

Elevate Textiles at a glance. A fascinating thread to everything we do.

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What can our fabric do for you? Visit Burlington. Denim that continues to inspire the world. Visit Cone Denim. A reputation for thread that circles the globe. Cutting-edge solutions that protect and serve. Visit Safety Components.

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