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But can you use it with a Fitbit or the popular FitToFit app? Better still, trainers can earn Adventure Sync rewards every week based on their walking progress. Unfortunately, for the time being, it doesn't appear that anyone using a Fitbit can sync their walking distances with Pokemon GO.

This was further backed up fellow research conducted by the Silph Road Sub-Reddit, who posted their finding's on a recent blog post:. For anyone who doesn't know, there's a great Android app called FitToFit, which by the apps own description allows users to "Transfer your fitness data from Fitbit to Google Fit.


I tried the same with Health Sync for S Health, didn't apply at all. By James Wright Gaming Editor. Video Loading Video Unavailable.

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Premature baby could be youngest coronavirus death as mum tests positive Coronavirus. Study finds cats and ferrets can catch coronavirus and a test is available Animals.Another common question is — can you pair Fitbit with a chest strap? No matter what fitness plan or package you are following, it is limited to some hours per day and can not track your complete performance. With the technological advancements coming up with solutions to resolve our queries, Fitbit device is now available commonly to ensure a healthy lifestyle for all.

Fitbit is a wearable device and looks like a wrist band or a smartwatch which usually goes with everything and follows almost every outfit quite well. Besides the look, the features of Fitbit are what makes it handy in the health niche. It can track your steps, sleep, and calorie burn and is like a coach to watch over you all day all night. Also, it aims to diminish your health concerns and provide you an accurate overview of your overall health statistics and insights.

The ecosystem and community which Fitbit offers is simply the best one you can get. It is because of the closed API system which restricts the inter-app syncing.

As a result, your personal data gets secure and privatized.

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Which means, each app holds its distinctive place on the Fitbit device but the data is not integrated among the apps. Want to know more on the Potential dangers to user privacy inherent in the use of health and fitness applications — You must read this article on my website. The development of such a system makes it the best among the others. Hence, Fitbit provides and promotes a secure platform for all the app data itself.

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However, the case gets compromised when third party apps are included. Even in that case, Fitbit does not recommend synchronization of data on such a level. Though, this method of synchronization is legal and will not get you banned.

You can try that out smooth enough without a worry. Well, syncing apps together helps a person to enhance the in-app experiences and helps the transfer of data at a faster pace.

how does google fit work with pokemon go

For example, if you sync your sleep tracking and step counting app together to your Fitbit app, then it can show you an overview of your sleep and running data in one place. Hence, synchronization of apps and data is a step forward towards betterment. Also, a central database can be created through this app syncing method.

how does google fit work with pokemon go

The Answer for both questions is, no, you cannot sync a chest strap with a Fitbit device and there is no chest strap by Fitbit available on the market at the moment. The wrist-based HR sensors are known as pretty accurate when tracking a low to mild HR activities, however, when regarding intense and intervals workouts they seem to be very inaccurate. Another perk that Fitbit brings to you is access to integrate other apps with Fitbit and make the experience more exciting and fun.

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Some compatible apps work directly with Fitbit. Others require third party apps to connect. Overall, the system works quite smoothly even with other apps integrated into it.

Though the thing with third-party apps is they store your data according to their privacy policies and Fitbit is not responsible for it. Nor can Fitbit remove the data they have stored in them. Which is sort of a risky move, but if you are okay with it, integrating it with third-party apps works smooth enough.

A high-rated and free app with health and activity tracking mechanisms, Google Fit is a remarkable app to open doors to a healthy and fit life both on Android and IOS devices. The features of Google Fit have so much to offer to your healthy lifestyle.

It can calculate your move minutes, which means that you will be able to have an overview of how much activity you have done this whole time. One such feature in Google Fit is the Heart Points which concludes in the active movements that you have gone through which enhanced your heart rate.Both platforms need to grant required permissions in order for Adventure Sync to work.

how does google fit work with pokemon go

Once activated, you can navigate to your player profile to check your progress towards current week rewards:. Depending on the distance you walked, you can get up to three different reward bundles from Adventure Sync every week. There are three distances that you can reach every week:. Player who walk more than 50 km will not receive any additional rewards — the system caps out at 50 kilometers.

how does google fit work with pokemon go

This handy chart illustrates how much you have to walk in order to reach each of the fitness goals listed above:. Adventure Sync rewards behave similarly to raid rewards, as they come in a few different bundles but you are guaranteed to get various Poke Balls for each reward level.

'Pokémon Go' Adventure Sync: How to Activate on iOS and Android

The following table shows rewards for reaching each of the three weekly fitness goals in Pokemon GO:. Change your settings now to allow access. According to the code discovered in the 0. Apparently, some trainers reported running on a treadmill and importing that data successfully. As long as the activity is not marked as running, it should work. Magic, right? Pokemon GO Hub. Register for an account. Recover your password. Share Pin Adventure Sync UI screenshots. Adventure Sync weekly rewards UI.

Adventure Sync setting is available from the Pokemon GO settings. Confirmation that Adventure Sync has been enabled. Adventure Sync needs Google account. Load Comments. Recent posts. News April 13, Pokemon GO Hub is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to pokemongohub.

Purchase Theme About.Here's how to fix adventure sync. The mobile augmented-reality game released a new feature called Adventure Sync that tracks the distance you travel without the game app being open - a massive update and something players have been asking for since the game launched.

Adventure Sync will deliver a weekly summary, where you can see your Incubator and Candy progress as well as important activity statistics. But some players have noted that the new feature doesn't work. So fitness data is only credited when Niantic has no other way of knowing how far a traveler has moved with their own app. Running or biking faster than the speed cap For most devices, Pokemon Go's Adventure Sync should update automatically when the game is brought up to the newest version.

If that doesn't happen, though, the guides underneath this paragraph should help you set up Adventure Sync in Pokemon Go on iOS and Android. If Sync isn't working after that, go to your Settings on Fit and make sure Storage and Locations permissions are allowed, too. Video Loading Video Unavailable. Click to play Tap to play.

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Amanda Holden Britain's Got Talent bombshell Amanda Holden sent her fans into meltdown as she showed off her ample assets in her wedding dress for a hilarious clip during lockdown.Sure, they can maybe create some kind of integration with Google Fit.

'Pokémon Go' Adventure Sync: How to Activate on iOS and Android

You can complain about it towards FitBit though, they should've already added some kind of integration with google fit already but this is NOT their fault. Please do your research first which data is being accepted by Adventure Sync.

Because as you can see, all mostly all smartwatches are affected by this issue. Again, the only thing that is truly lacking on Fitbit's side is proper Google Fit integration. But sir. A Fitbit to Google fit integration app already exists. If it is just a matter of having Fitbit talk to Google fit, why not use FittoFit? If it is just a matter of having Fitbit talk to Google fit, why not use Fit to Fit? You can download that app at the Play store right now! That's simply not possible at this point besides a simple google fit integration.

If you have gotten this to work Aegis, I would love to know. I did about 8, steps yesterday and it synced perfectly to Google fit via Fit to Fit, but not a single step in Pokemon Go. I had steps outside of Fit to Fit just via my phone and they didn't sync either.

He didn't get it to work. He's merely saying you can use FittoFit app to transfer Fitbits data to Google fit.

But that's about it. None of the fitbit data on google fit will be accepted by Adventure Sync. Syncing fitbit to Google fit using a third-party app inputs the data as a "manual" input.

Pokemon Go Adventure Sync does not allow manual inputs. Probably because it can be used to cheat. When you say you're disappointed in people complaining, people are also disappointed that their fitbit don't work with the world's most popular game. The games ethos is based on people walking and trying to get them to be active, similar to Fitbit.

I too am disappointed that other watches do work in taking in steps and for that reason I too would consider a swap. I think you underestimate the popularity of Pokemon go and the effect of counting all your steps and walking in the game. I appreciate that it isn't solely Fitbits fault however they need to get it sorted and should have been proactive as a company to try and make this happen rather than reactive as they are now.

I send a mail to niantic support complaining my steps in the google fit arent correct i get appriximatly half of my steps if enough of us complain there, maybe there willbe a solution. But as you say, fitbit isnt the causse of the problem. Sure, it's not perfect but as far as Adventure Sync goes, it definitely helps.

That becomes 1st party data and Pokemon Go will use it. I work at Amazon and we aren't allowed to have our phones on the floor with us. In fact, if we get caught with it 3 times we get terminated. Not having FitBit directly linked with Pokemon Go is a huge blow because I easily walk 23k steps at work.

It would be al advantageous for the two companies to work something out. I can honestly say. I don't believe the fit to fit sync is working. My Google fit and s health only saw steps because I had my phone in the house while I walked.

And though fitbit shows steps. Due to recent events affecting our operations, support options are limited and wait times are longer than usual. Visit our help site for answers to many common questions and other self-service options.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.

Arqade is a question and answer site for passionate videogamers on all platforms. It only takes a minute to sign up. I play Pokemon Go on my phone. Will the steps that the FitBit detects, get added to towards the distance covered to hatch eggs in the game, if I do not have my phone with me when I am walking?

I know that the fitness tracker does not have built-in GPS. However, I see that it has connected-GPS; which means that it can detect the location via the phone.

But since I will not be having my phone with me when I am walking, how will the distance be counted? And then, how will this distance be recorded in the game? I am asking this question because, without the phone, the FitBit will not be connected to GPS and Bluetooth to record data. So, will the game be able to see the distance covered? Without the phone, FitBit will count the steps. But then, after I connect my phone back to my fitness tracker, will the accumulated steps get added to the game?

Example: Say I left my phone at home and walked for 10 km. Currently, as of this time of answer, there is no integration with Pokemon Go Adventure cooperating with third party fitness trackers such as fitbit.

Fitbit uses it's own proprietary API that you need special licenses to integrate with. So it could come later. After posting this question, I went ahead and purchased couple of devices as I wanted to find a working solution for this issue. I got:. I had to download the FitBit App onto my phone. Now, since the data has been synced to Google Fit, one would expect that Pokemon Go would add the data to the game.

Essential apps and devices that work with Google Fit

But that wasn't the case. It will not sync the data that is added to Google Fit via third-party applications. So, using FitBit was a big failure. Then, I used MI Band 3 as my primary fitness tracker. So, this was also a failure.

Thank you Rapitor for the source. He has mentioned this link in his answer.

Pokemon GO Adventure Sync and Fitbit? Does Google Fit work with Fitbit or fittofit app?

So, I reckon, any fitness tracker that uses a proprietary app to sync data between the tracker and the phone, will not work with Pokemon Go. I am pretty sure this will surely worked as the data is directly added to Google Fit only since the watches are running Wear OS, but I have some doubts since Wear OS has not had a major change since a very very long time.

I am able to get miles added to the game even without running the game in the background. Most of you might already know this, but Google Fit automatically detects the steps even when you have not opened the app, or have any fitness tracker connected. What you can do is connect fitbit with google fit. That way your Fitbit data will be synced to google fit and via proxy synced to pokemon go. Sign up to join this community. The best answers are voted up and rise to the top.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered.Zac Hall. Adventure Sync will use Apple Health and Google Fit activity data to credit players with distance traveled in the real world for hatching eggs and earning candy — even when Pokemon Go is not running. Pokemon Go has been credited in the past with encouraging iPhone and Android users to be more active.

The gameplay requires traveling around outside to encounter Pokemon and PokeStops virtually placed in the real world to advance levels and expand your collection. Modern smartphones typically have built-in step tracking features as well.

The activity data sharing feature will be optional of course, but it sounds like a great way to encourage players to be more active without being tied to the game. Plus, Adventure Sync will deliver a weekly summary, where you can see your Incubator and Candy progress as well as important activity statistics. Check in via your Trainer Profile to see the number of kilometers recorded for the week. Starting November 1st, Adventure Sync is starting to roll out to players with level 35 or higher in the game.

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